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<title>Reality of Being by Jeanne de Salzmann | Fourth Way | Gurdjieff | Gurdjieff Books</title>

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   <p>“A watershed event in the development of the teaching, 

      and in spiritual search in the West.”<br  />

      <span class="byline">--Parabola Magazine</span></em></p>



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    <p> <img src="images/Frontcover3.jpg" width="160" height="231" class="fltrt" />The Reality of Being<br />

      The Fourth Way of Gurdjieff<br />

      By Jeanne de Salzmann</p>

    <p>Hardcover / Shambhala Publications / 336 pages / 6 x 9<br />

      ISBN 978-1-59030-815-8 / July 2010<br />

    List Price: $21.95</p>

    <p><a href="https://www.shambhala.com/the-reality-of-being-1244.html" title="Order from Shambhala Press" target="_blank">Order from Shambhala Publications</a><br />



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